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Mrs. Yana Cardoso-Barbosa
History Teacher
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Welcome to 7th Grade World Geography! Throughout the year we will be covering different regions of the world: Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania/Antarctica. Class Website: Please visit: My email address for parent correspondence: Materials you must bring to class each day: In order to be ready for class each day, you need to have the following materials: • Pens and/or pencils • Eraser • 3-ring binder (1-1.5”) • Agenda book • 8 dividers/tabs Grading Policy: At the Exam Schools, there are 4 marking terms and a final exam, which counts as the 5th marking term. These 5 grades will be averaged together and will be your final “Year Grade”. Grading Categories for each Term Grade: Test/Quizzes (Mondays): 30% Classwork : 30% Daily Homework: 20% Binder/Agenda : 10% Participation, Behavior, & Timeliness: 10% Total: 100% Viewing your Grades Online: At the O’Bryant, we use an online grading system, called SIS, and you will be able to set private login information, so you may view your grades online at anytime. Your parents/guardians receive their own login information as well. Students should NOT share personal log-in IDs and passwords with others. The school website does not contain your grades. Information on Scheduling Parent Meetings:
Your parents/guardians are welcome to speak with me about your academic progress. They may phone me at school (617-635-9932), send me an email ( or schedule a person-to-person meeting with me after school. I am also available for cluster meetings with ALL of your teachers each day