Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you NEW or RETURNING Parent or Guardian to the O'Bryant Family!

Do you have QUESTIONS!  Please find below FAQs to assist you in becoming one of the most up and coming STEM school experience your student has ever been involved in!!!!  

Middle School Parents

Top 10 tips 7th.pdf

Top 10 tips 9-10.pdf

Middle to High School Transition
High School Parents

Middle to High School Transition Strategies - English.doc
Middle to High School Transition Strategies - Spanish.doc

What is the school’s main phone number? 

The number for the O’Bryant Main Office is 617-635-9932.

What are the directions to the school?

How do I reach the School Nurse?

The number for the O’Bryant Main Office is 617-635-9932.

Where can I find my child’s teacher’s email address?

To contact your child’s teacher, go to the
How can I reach the Guidance Office?

Coffee with the Counselors - 12th GradeCoffee 12th 2016-17.pptx
How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved at the O’Bryant. Any and all parental involvement benefits the school and, ultimately, your child. Easy Ways for Parents to Donate and Give Back.

Where can I buy O’Bryant hoodies and sweatshirts … and other things?

The School Parent Council sells O’Bryant ‘Gear’ -- hoodies, zipped sweatshirts, T-shirts, car decals, etc.

How do I give back?

The O’Bryant is always open to parents and guardians who want to donate time and/or money to the school. 

Easy Ways for Parents to Donate and Give Back.

O'Bryant Annual Appeal -   ANNUAL APPEAL

Where can I obtain information about school events and activities at the O’Bryant?

O'Bryant Community Calendar
When do the academic terms start and stop? 

BPS Calendar
When do I get my child’s report card?

Please read Pg. 19 of Student/Parent Handbook '14
How do I see my child’s grades? 

How do I get involved in my Student's Educational experience?

One way is to work directly with your student's Guidance Counselor
How do I contact my Student’s Teacher to see if I can be of service?

Faculty & Staff Directory

How do I join the O'Bryant School Councils and/or Volunteer to Help with Activities? 


School Parent Council

School Site Council


City-Wide Parent Council 

How do I sign-up for Robo calls and email communication from the O’Bryant School ?
I am not receiving Robo calls and/or email.

The number for the O’Bryant Main Office is 617-635-9932.

Where are the Sports, Music, and School Events listed? 

Check out the School Calendar for a list of school and sports events and activities.

Where can my student athlete get additional academic assistance?
O'B Tiger Zone
Social Media for Parents and Children
Teens Online Tips and Conservations
Social Media for Parents of Children Online

O'Bryant and Boston Public Schools Current Events Links